Social Branding


The better your Social Branding is evolving with your target markets:

  • The higher quality of leads / prospects can be generated
  • The higher your conversion rates on sales offers
  • The higher your sales will be in terms of:
    • Transactions          Selling more products / services
    • Customers             To more people / companies
    • Frequency             More often
    • Volume                  In larger amounts
    • Price                      At a higher price
  • The higher the exponential increase in results of your campaign

How Social Branding is Different

Your brand’s job is to create relationships with customers, so that you can take your business where you want it to go.  Social Branding is a powerful evolution of Traditional Branding.

90% of Fortune 500 Companies are not doing Facebook Ads right because they don’t understand the crucial difference between Traditional Branding and Social Branding.

Traditional Branding is about positioning an “Umbrella Brand” in the hearts and minds of a mass market.  Social Branding is about segmenting the Umbrella Brand according to the Imagery, Story and Experience that each kind of target market wants and needs RIGHT NOW.  We call it Social Vision, Social Voice and Social Experience.

This requires extensive analysis and on-going A/B testing to see what is trending and how customers and prospects are engaging on an hourly and daily basis.  Then evolving and enhancing the Vision, Voice and Experience as your customers and prospects interact with your brand.

Amplification and Going Exponential

Any form of marketing amplifies your brand.  You must have a solid foundation for your brand or your marketing will amplify your problems.

To achieve exponential success, you need to create a solid foundation of Traditional Branding then expand it and test it on all of your segments for Social Branding. This empowers highly precise targeting of the core target segment and the related market segments, which we call the “Core and Halo Effect.”

This powerful combination of Traditional and Social Branding keeps your finger on the pulse of your target markets as they rapidly evolve.

Brand Excelerator®:  Proven Processes for Traditional and Social

Our unique Brand Excelerator® process is a two-part process that has been proven over many years across a wide variety of industry sectors. Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies, Small to Mid-Size Businesses and Non-Profits.

Our Traditional Branding Process can be done with key decision-makers in person or online and includes:

  • Definition of Success
  • Mix of Products / Services
  • Contact to Contract
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Attributes / Dimensions
  • Positioning Statement(s)
  • Brand Hierarchy (as needed)

Our Social Branding Process can be done with key decision-makers in person or online and includes:

  • Digital Marketing Assessment
  • Creation of a Master Editorial Calendar
  • Brand Vision, Voice and Experience Segmentation
  • Identification of Minor, Medium and Major Brand Ambassadors / Social Influencers
  • Creation of a Funnel Strategy to:
    • Raise Awareness
    • Drive Engagement
    • Build Advocacy
  • Initial Creation and A/B Testing of “Artisan” promoted posts

After that, we work together to create a pool of assets that will help us to execute the Social and Traditional Marketing Campaigns.

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